Jewellery to make you smile

As the whole word is going through tough times at the moment I like to make jewellery to make others happy. It is has never been more important than now.

With jewellery and accessories you can use them to say thinking of you, thank you, love you, happy birthday and more. Jewellery however big or small has the ability to put a smile on someones face. Here is a few pieces I have made recently to put a smile on your face.

rainbow swarovski
Rainbow Custom Necklace

The rainbow recently has been a symbol for NHS workers and key workers out there. Not only is the rainbow meant to bring good luck and a fantasy piece it will defiantly make you smile.

parrot swarovski
Colourful Parrot Necklace

If this Parrot does not bring a smile to your face I don’t know what will. Enamel Colourful Parrot with Personalised Initial and Genuine Swarovski Crystal. Parrots always makes me think of holidays and summer time.

owl swarovski
Barn Owl Necklace

I love this cute Barn Owl necklace, with Personalised Initial and Swarovski Crystal. A Owl is wise in times of need. She flies with grace and beauty.

If you like these and want to see more of my makes, please check out me on Amazon Handmade. #staysafe

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