New Purple Resin Glitter Awareness Keyring

I have recently created a new awareness keyring to go with the rest of my awareness jewellery. Announcing the new Fibromyalgia Purple Resin Glitter Charm Keyring. A great keyring to show to people you support the purple awareness ribbon and to also wear yourself to raise awareness of the invisible illness that you may have… Continue reading New Purple Resin Glitter Awareness Keyring

Psoriatic Arthritis

Psoriatic Arthritis Awareness Jewellery

I have created a lovely jewellery set that is based on Psoriatic Arthritis Awareness. Psoriatic Arthritis causes inflammation in and around the joints of suffers. It is said that it can affect people who also suffer with psoriasis, which is an itchy skin condition. The condition can affect those of any age, male and female. I have… Continue reading Psoriatic Arthritis Awareness Jewellery