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Car / Home Beaded Diffuser

I have not been writing for a bit as things have been busy with the business, which is not a bad thing. But falling behind on everything else is.

But I have been making special products to go into my Amazon Shops.
As you can see I now have a Amazon shop for the American market 🙂

My latest addition to my collection is a lovely car/home beaded diffuser with black lava beads.


Made with a range of pink beads, I have used pink with a hint of lilac glass pearl beads, cracked pink beads, silver rhinestone spacer beads to give the piece extra sparkle, pink suede to use as tassels and of course the black lava beads where the essential oil goes.


This is a great piece for those who want a piece of decoration but to also use as a diffuser around the home or in the car. Simply place a drop of your essential on onto the lava bead and enjoy the aroma. Perfect as a gift as well. I loved making this so much I feel more designs coming along. Watch this space.

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